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Conscious club

Conscious Club is a social event that combines great food, culture, group meditation and a speech by an interesting person. It is a unique combination of fun and horizon broadening. The event takes place approximately every two months in one of Prague’s theatres or cinemas. It is designated for successful, modern people, who are interested in the growth of their own as well as the collective consciousness. It does not matter if you meditate or not or what meditation technique you use or– just come and join us.

The inspiration for these events comes from Australia, where they have been organized with great success by Tim’s colleagues.

Why visit the Conscious Club?

  • Meet people with similar interests and a common way of thinking.
  • Experience the beneficial effects of group meditation.
  • Enjoy great vegetarian food and dessert.
  • Come regardless of your meditation technique – and if you do not meditate at all, it does not matter!
  • Enjoy art shows and let yourselves be inspired by an interesting lecture.
  • Prague is the first in Europe to organize CC. They are also newly being created in the UK and USA.

How does a typical Conscious Club event look like?

  • 18-19

    We start gathering in the foyer

    • We receive warm light food in a recyclable box, which enables us to eat comfortably and mingle with the other participants
  • 19-20

    We move to the hall, where we listen to the opening speech

    • We watch a short inspirational movie
    • We enjoy a musical, dance or other art show
    • We spend 20 minutes with our eyes closed, meditators using their respective techniques, non-meditators relaxing
  • 20-21:30

    A lecture by an interesting speaker on an inspiring topic follows

  • 21:30-23

    We enjoy dessert and a glass of wine in the foyer

    • We enjoy this time to share our experiences, meet similar people and to have fun.

What do other participants say?

I have problems with resting and that is the main reason I went to Tim’s lessons. Since finishing the course I meditate twice a day and my rest has changed. I have become calmer and view things in a different light. I am also no longer fatigued by sleep deficiency as the meditation really replaced it. Tim has the ability to share a certain gift of serenity, tolerance, inner peace and joy and that’s what I want to learn and develop further by meditating. I am very curious about the development in time after a year, five etc.
Reference 1
Václav Beneš
- management skills coach
The main benefits of meditation for me are: calmer mind, when I am under stress, relaxation, better ability to experience the present moment, better balance (negative things affect me much less), more balanced approach to food and a more harmonious relationship with my choleric husband. As a fresh mother I meditate when I am breast-feeding and this way I recharge my batteries so that I am not tired and am able to fully attend to my daughter.
Reference 2
Lucie Jahodová
- sales director and a breast-feeding mother
Regular meditation has certainly given me a lot of positive effects. Among others I have become calmer, more resilient towards stress, my concentration has improved as well as my immunity and I am more able to stay on the top of things.
Reference 3
Václav Soukop
- Boeing 737 pilot
I would describe myself as an analytic, conservative person. Moreover I am very skeptical and tend to expect negative things in life. Like the majority of employed mothers I am constantly under stress due to a lack of time in the constant cycle of work-school-children’s groups-household. Therefore I approached meditation with skepticism at first. But I soon realized that my life has really changed for the better. Since I started meditating I need much less sleep and despite that I feel rested and full of energy. I also have the feeling that I became a little calmer overall and deal much better with stressful situations, which the life brings each day. Meditation for me is a moment for myself in a busy day, where I become calm and listen to myself.
Reference 4
Olga Zdeňková
- accountant

Upcoming Conscious Club events

We are preparing one, hold on!

Reports from selected events

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