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Conscious club - Life closer to our Nature according to Ayurveda

Conscious Club is a social event that combines great food, culture, group meditation and a speech by an interesting person. It is a unique combination of fun and horizon broadening. The event takes place a few times a year in one of Prague’s theatres or cinemas.

It is designated for successful, modern people, who are interested in the growth of their own as well as the collective consciousness. It does not matter if you meditate or not or what meditation technique you use – just come and join us.

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Tomáš Reinbergr invites you

Why visit the Conscious Club?

  • Meet people with similar interests and a common way of thinking.
  • Experience the beneficial effects of group meditation at 100+ people.
  • Enjoy great vegetarian food and dessert by french bistro Le Camille.
  • Come regardless of your meditation technique – and if you do not meditate at all, it does not matter!
  • Enjoy a talk by our Ayurvedic consultant Ingrid Buchertová.

Who will give a talk?

  • Ingrid Buchertová - ayurvedic life-style consultant

  • ...

What is on program?

  • 17:30

    We start gathering in a Big Conference Room of Impact Hub Prague

  • 18:00

    Opening speech

  • 18:20

    Group meditation at 100+ people

  • 18:40

    Ingrid's talk: Life closer to our nature

  • 20:00

    Delicious veg meal and social time

Don't miss this event

Life closer to our Nature according to Ayurveda

Thursday 23.4, from 18:00 to 20:30.

Big Conference Room, Impact Hub Praha, Drtinova 10, Praha 5

Contribution: 500 Kč - delicious veg meal and dessert included

Limited capacity, please sign up:

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Reports from past events

Lucerna palace 1. 4. 2015


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